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Anatoly Russian President Vladimir Putin said the former head of the state-funded Rusnano company

Anatoly Chubais, may move to Israel because of concerns about legal consequences for financial irregularities. At the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Tuesday, Putin


Merangin Jambi Geopark Wins Award from UNESCO.

The Merangin Geopark in Jambi has attracted world attention after winning first place in the world for the 2023. Best Practices Award category in the

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Unique, this village in Spain can only be accessed via a cave Spain has a diverse landscape.

Spain From amazing big cities, beautiful beaches, to natural mountains. Nestled in the heart of Spain’s diverse landscape. There are towns and villages like those


Flashback to International Literacy Day

Every September 8, the whole world commemorates International Literacy Day. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), script means a system of graphic signs used


Marilyn Monroe’s Former House Canceled to Be Demolished, Becomes a Historical Monument

The Los Angeles City Council, Friday, September 8, 2023, voted to launch the process of designating the former home of actress Marilyn Monroe, where she


Turkey’s disaster relief agency explorers AFAD and rescue team UMKE are working with Turkish and international

cave explorers on plans to extricate Dickey from the cave system, the rescue association said. The rescue effort currently involves more than 170 people, including


Saudi Arabia Launches New International Organization to Tackle Water Problems

Saudi Arabia on Monday, 4 September 2023, launched a new international organization that will finance and promote a number of projects in developing countries. The


The Burning Man Festival Becomes a Disaster, Thousands of Visitors Manage to Get Out of the Desert

Thousands of Burning Man festival participants managed to get out of the remote desert in Nevada, United States, on Monday, September 4, 2023 after the

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Specifications of the Russian Sarmat Missile, the Most Powerful Russian ICBM Capable of Reaching the UK

Russia has reportedly switched the nuclear-capable Sarmat RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missile into operational mode, in what President Vladimir Putin previously described as a move that


Ukrainian Children Start New School Year: Classes Underground or Always Wary of Russian Attacks

Ukrainian children started the new school year on Friday, September 1, 2023. For the second time in a row, the start of learning took place