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Anatoly Chubais, may move to Israel because of concerns about legal consequences for financial irregularities. At the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Tuesday, Putin referred to Chubais with anti-Semitic remarks. He said he had shown a photo of Chubais. “Where he is no longer Anatoly Borisovich, but Moysha Israelevich. Who lives somewhere over there.”
“Why he did this, I don’t understand. Why did he run away?” Putin said rhetorically. He suspects that Chubais left the country because of allegations of a “big financial hole” at Rusnano, the company he led for 12 years. Putin said there were currently no criminal cases related to alleged financial irregularities. But perhaps Chubais was worrie that some cases would emerge. Last October, Russian authorities announced that they had opene an investigation into Rosnano’s financial activities, alleging that as much as US$50 million may have been embezzle at the company between 2010 and 2020.

The status of that investigation is not yet clear.

When asked by TASS for a response to the statement, Chubais said he would “prefer not to comment on anything (President Vladimir Putin) said.” Chubais’ exact whereabouts are unknown, although he was seen in Cyprus, and Russian news reports said he may be trying to immigrate to Israel.

He has said nothing publicly since leaving Russia. Last August, he was reportedly hospitalized in Italy due to a rare immune disorder. In March, soon after the start of Russia’s military campaign against Ukraine, several Western media reported that Chubais had left the country. Putin officially removed him from his duties at the end of the same month.

In May, several Israeli media outlets claimed Chubais and his wife had requested long-term residence permits in the Middle Eastern country.

with Ukraine broke out.

The Russian leader said that although people have the right to live wherever they want, they must respect the country where they are famous.

Putin described Volozh as “talented” and wished him well, even though the tech entrepreneur last month criticized Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

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