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Spain From amazing big cities, beautiful beaches, to natural mountains. Nestled in the heart of Spain’s diverse landscape. There are towns and villages like those that only exist in the imagination. Perched on cliffs, nestled in valleys. Or dotting pristine beaches. One of the destinations that attracts tourists is the Asturian city, Cuevas del Agua, which is located in Ribadesella. This pretty village hides mountains, but its views are unusual. Uniquely, this village can only be accesse through a cave. Named Cuevona de Cuevas, the natural cave functions as a tunnel connecting the village to the outside world.
To get there, tourists must venture deep into the mountains. Following the river along the way, flanked by amazing rock formations that amaze those who see them.
Throughout the 300 meter journey inside the cave, visitors are treat to views of the monumental dome that forms the interior.

This road is the only entrance to the village.

During the trip, tourists can see limestone views such as stalactites, stalagmites and lava flows decorating the route. Each formation has a name that reflects its magic, for example La lengua del diablo (The Devil’s Tongue) and Las barbas de Santiago (Santiago’s Beard).
This cave can be access on foot. But before entering, there are two special parking areas for visitors who want to enjoy the cave and the village outside it.
Beyond the stunning views of Cuevona, Cuevas del Agua sits along the banks of the majestic Sella River, nestled at the foot of towering mountains that give the area an air of charm. In its layout, this village has rows of hórreos (barns in the form of houses on stilts) which reflect the regional culture.
The streets of this village reflect Asturia in the past with traditional houses that are an icon of the region.
For those with free time, choose the windmill route. Tourists will find a beautiful trail that starts from inside the village and winds past several beautiful watermills, a testament to the history of the area. The village of Cuevas del Agua in Spain invites adventurous travelers to come and enjoy its unique natural landscape and culture.

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