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cave explorers on plans to extricate Dickey from the cave system, the rescue association said. The rescue effort currently involves more than 170 people, including doctors and paramedics who treated Dickey, as well as experienced cave explorers, Ogrenecek said, adding that the rescue operation could take up to two or three weeks.
A rescue team from the Italian National Alpine Rescue and Speleology Team will fly to Turkey on Thursday evening. A total of around 50 rescuers will be at the cave entrance on Friday 8 September 2023, ready to participate in the operation directed by the Turkish authorities. Marton Kovacs of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service said the cave was being prepare for safe extraction. Narrow passageways are being widene to accommodate stretchers, and the danger of falling rocks is also being address

Rescuers hope extraction can begin on Saturday or Sunday. Kovacs said Dickey’s recovery would likely take several days and several bivouac points were being prepare along the way so Dickey and the rescue team could rest.

Trained Cave Explorers and Rescuers participation in many international expeditions.

Dickey was on an expedition mapping the 1,276-meter-deep Morca cave system for the Anatolian Speleology Group Association (ASPEG) when it encountered problems about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) below, according to Ogrenecek.

Justin Hanley, a 28-year-old firefighter from near Dallas, Texas, said he met Dickey several months ago when he took a cave rescue course Dickey taught in Hungary and Croatia. He described Dickey as optimistic and seeing the good in everyone. tragedy in itself,” he said.

Hanley said he had spoken with Dickey about a month ago about the mission in Turkey and that the purpose of the expedition was to conduct a survey, gather information and set up camp in the cave.

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