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Hollywood’s ‘glam squads’ experience consequences when celebrities are absent from red carpet appearances

The actors’ strike that has paralyzed Hollywood began last week as the 80th Venice Film Festival opened. Making the normally glittering red carpet a more somber event.

One of the major festivals on the calendar is Venice. Consider Lady Gaga’s iconic entrance in 2018 to promote “A Star is Born”. In a voluminous pink feathered gown by Valentino Haute Couture and Zendaya’s bombshell appearance in 2021 wearing nude. Body-hugging Balmain as examples of some of fashion’s most memorable moments.

‘glam squads’

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFRA (the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) strikes prevent actors from promoting their films, and Venice is the first major festival to see a decline in both film premieres and celebrity attendees. For instance, Zendaya’s film “Challengers,” which was supposed to open the festival, was pulled at the last minute due to the strikes.

These fewer red carpets have an effect that goes well beyond the film industry. Celebrities, luxury brands, and movies combine at film festivals to produce enormous marketing opportunities.

There are currently significantly fewer red carpets and film premieres than there were in the past, but many major celebrities have brand ambassador jobs with labels for promotional work.

Strikes’ aftereffects echoed the pandemic
Due to the cancellation of appointments for red-carpet appearances and film festivals, which were often a crucial component of their revenue stream, celebrity hair and makeup teams are also feeling the pressure. While many hair and makeup professionals support the strike, a sizable portion cannot afford to have substantial gaps in their schedules or be unemployed. Some have even compared the scenario to the times of the Covid shutdowns.

Veteran Hollywood makeup artist Rachel Goodwin frequently collaborates with stars on red carpet and film festival appearances. She was scheduled to travel to Venice with actress Emma Stone to support the film “Poor Things.” Celebrities haven’t needed her services since the strike was declared.

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