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Linda Evangelista has disclosed that she has been receiving covert treatment for breast cancer for the past year. This is her second diagnosis of the disease.

The supermodel revealed to the Wall Street Journal that she initially underwent a double mastectomy following the discovery of the cancer in December 2018 by an annual mammography. She claimed that prior to last July, she “thought she was good and set for life,” but she later found a new lump on her chest. She claims that after undergoing more surgery, chemo, and radiation, her prognosis is now “good”.

Linda Evangelista

“Only a few people were aware. Evangelista told the Wall Street Journal, “I’m just not one of those persons that has to tell everything. “I said to myself, “I’ll reveal this one day, but not while I’m going through it. The ‘Daily Mail’ shouldn’t be waiting outside my door as they do each time something happens.

In a lengthy, intimate interview with the magazine conducted in advance of the publication of a new book about her long-standing working partnership with photographer Steven Meisel, Evangelista made the disclosure.

Evangelista models for a tender series of black and white photos, shot by Meisel, for the magazine’s digital cover of the Men’s Style fall issue. After chemo, her hair is “all new,” she told WSJ. “Very little light returned. It has even more curl than before.

Setting up a return
After some time spent in seclusion, Evangelista has just made a comeback in the fashion world, with a colorful Meisel cover of British Vogue in August. In 2021, she disclosed that she was also battling paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), an uncommon side effect of the body-contouring surgery CoolSculpting. She claimed that this condition left her “brutally disfigured” due to the enlargement and thickness of fatty tissue.

She referred to the 1992 film “Death Becomes Her,” in which two women in a love triangle are given immortality by a youth-granting elixir, but with gruesome side effects, by saying,

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