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Caban launched a new NYPD initiative to support and facilitate. The call to prayer during Friday and Maghrib prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.
This effort is a historic step forward in Eric Adams’ ongoing quest to develop a city that respects all religions and allows people to carry out their traditions safely and free from harassment, the New York City government’s official website reported, Tuesday, August 29, 2023.
“For too long, there has a feeling that our community is not allow to say the call to prayer,” said Mayor Adams.
We want our Muslim brothers and sisters to know that they are free to practice their faith in New York City because, under the law, we will all be treat equally. Our government is proud to final get this thing done.” NYPD Commissioner Caban.
The NYPD’s new legal guidelines clarify for mosques that the call to prayer is allow in New York City and not prohibited despite sound restrictions in city neighborhoods.

Under the new guidelines

a mosque can make the call to prayer every Friday between 12.30 and 13.30. As well as during evening prayers every evening during the month of Ramadan. To mark the time to break the fast.

The NYPD Public Affairs Bureau and Muslim leaders will work together in every neighborhood with a mosque.

To communicate the new Azan plan to local community leaders and stake holder.They will work to ensure that any sound devices use to broadcast. The Azan are set at decibel level that comply with noise code. Regulations in the city’s administrative code Many are afraid to show it.

And the rest are hesitant,” said Somaia Ferozi, principal of Ideal Islamic School.
“For them to hear the call to prayer in public on holy days. Will confirm to them that this is their city, and they have the right to worship like anyone else.”

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