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Chaotic! Car Bomb Rocks Ecuador, 57 Police Prisoners Hostage. The capital of Ecuador, was rocked by a grenade. Explosion and two car bomb explosions , which were followed a few hours later by actions by inmates in six prisons who took at least 57 guards and police hostage. The series of explosions occurred at the offices of Ecuador’s prison authorities in Quito. As reported by AFP , Friday (1/9/2023), the wave of attacks was clearly considered to be a show of force by organized criminal gangs that did not result in any casualties. Meanwhile, riots in local prisons are believed to be in response to police confiscating weapons in prisons the day before. The car bomb explosions targeted the SNAI prison authorities in the Ecuadorian capital, with one bomb detonating outside its headquarters and another in a former SNAI office building.

A few hours later, said SNAI, prisoners in as many as six prisons

In various regions of Ecuador took 50 wardens and seven police officers who were on duty in these prisons hostage. We are also concerned about the safety of our officers said Ecuador’s Minister of the Interior Juan Zapata at a press conference in Quito. Ecuador, which until a few years ago was a peaceful country sandwiched between the two largest cocaine producing countries in the world – Colombia and Peru – has suddenly become rampant with violence in recent times, especially after the country became the center of drug trafficking. Ecuador’s prisons have been the site of massacres by rival criminal gangs with ties to Colombian and Mexican drug cartels that have led to the deaths of more than 430 inmates since 2021, often leaving behind charred and mutilated corpses.

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The head of anti-narcotics investigations at the Ecuadorian police, General Pablo Ramirez

Told journalists that one of the. Cars, a sedan, was loaded with. Two gas cylinders containing fuel, fuses and what appeared to be several sticks of dynamite. The local fire department said there were no injuries from the explosion. Separately, Quito Mayor Pabel Munoz said three grenade explosions also rocked the capital on the same night. Ramirez added that six people, including a Colombian national, were arrested near the site of one of the explosions. He also said that the six people arrested had previous criminal records, such as extortion, robbery and murder. Three of them were arrested 15 days ago for truck theft and kidnapping. With extortion… and released (with conditions),” Ramirez said in his statement.




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