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The United States, South Korea and Japan held a joint naval missile defense. Exercise off the Korean Peninsula on Aug. 2023, as North Korea blasted “gang boss” Washington and his allies for increasing the risk of nuclear war production of weapons.
The three countries conducted drills in international waters off the coast of South Korea’s Jeju Island to improve their ability to detect and track targets, and share information in the event of a provocation by Pyongyang, the South’s military said.
The field inspection is the latest in a series of visits to , where Kim Jong Un has ordered mass . The inspection was carrier out ahead of the annual.

Joint military exercise by South Korea (South Korea) and the United States (US).

At several other factories, Kim Jong Un conducted inspections and piloted the latest armored fighting vehicles. And praised recent progress in modernizing the production line for large-caliber rocket launchers inflatable boats and emerging from the waves with diving equipment and weapons. In his speech to mark Navy Day, Kim said “gang bosses” of the United States, Japan and South Korea announced regular joint military exercises. The KCNA North Korean weapons factories news agency reported, apparently referring to their Aug summit at Camp David, Maryland.
unstable waters with the danger of nuclear war.” Kim was quote as saying by KCNA.
Japan said information sharing on ballistic missiles was part of Tuesday’s drills.
South Korea and the last week United States . Begain the summer exercise Ulchi Freedom Shield. Which is designe to bolster a joint response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. Pyongyang has long denounced the drills as war games.
As part of the exercise allied special operations forces. Practiced infiltrating enemy coastlines from the sea, boarding inflatable boats and emerging from the waves with diving equipment and weapons.

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