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This summer, travel is back in full gear, and so are tourist misbehaviors.

In recent years, accidents involving visitors have increased in well-known locations. According to reports, a guy vandalized the Colosseum in Rome, demonstrating how even in areas where issues were previously unusual.

Why are these heinous atrocities being committed? My research suggests that social networking is one solution. Discovering “hidden gem” eateries and new places to visit has become simple thanks to Instagram and TikTok. But there have been other effects of this democratization of travel.


People increasingly think (consciously or not) that behavior they often engage in at home is equally appropriate in that vacation destination because they see their social media contacts from their home environment traveling in an exotic region.

When we base our own actions on the behaviors of others, this is referred to as social proof. When on vacation, people tend to behave more hedonistically. Nowadays, tourists increasingly check social media to see what other people are doing.

If their friends from home are acting recklessly while on vacation, this could set off a chain reaction of poor behavior.

I’ve noted more negative travel behaviors and attitudes that have arisen as a result of social media-driven travel.

For instance, the identified victim effect explains how knowing the identities of the victims of disasters increases people’s propensity to empathize with them. Tourists could believe (incorrectly) that going to a destination far from home is an opportunity for consequence-free bad behavior because they are frequently shielded in hotels and resorts away from local populations. They undervalue or fail to consider the potential impact of their activities on the community or the economy.

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