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This week’s travel news includes a newborn giraffe born without spots at a Tennessee zoo, tattoo and graffiti trouble in Europe, and we want to know if you’re using a tracking gadget to look for your misplaced luggage.

Before you sign, think.
There is a saying that goes, “There are no bad ideas.”

But that was before a campaign to offer individuals a year of free public transportation if they got the rail card emblem tattoo on their bodies receive support from Austria’s climate minister.

The Klimaticket (“Climate Ticket”), which typically costs just over 1,000 euros for unlimited rail, bus, tram, and metro travel throughout the nation, asked music festival guests to turn their flesh into a permanent billboard for the ticket. Reaction to this move was fast, according to Salzburger Nachrichten. That equals to $1,080, or, you know, two to five laser tattoo removal sessions.


This week, foolish tattooing also occurred in Florence, Italy. For spray painting Munich soccer-relate graffiti on the 460-year-old Vasari Corridor leading up to the Uffizi Galleries, two German tourists detain. The director of the museum is urging “an iron fist of the law.”

Be prepare
In order to take advantage of the last few precious rays of sunshine, people are flocking to airports as summer gives its dying gasps in the Northern Hemisphere. Come Labor Day weekend, travelers should be ready for lots of company, especially if they’re traveling abroad.

You are absolutely correct if you feel like you are spending more time these days wandering around the airport concourse. Here’s why. To lessen the discomfort, however, our partners at Underscore, a resource for product reviews and suggestions that is own by, have compil this list of sandals that are both cozy and reasonably price.

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