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Poland Investigate Legionellosis Disease Outbreak The Internal Security Agency in Poland (ABW) is investigating whether an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the city of Rzeszow, Poland, may have been an act of sabotage. Legionnaires is a disease. Also known as Legionellosis which is a type of pneumonia cause by legionella bacteria which are commonly found in water. Infection with this disease can cause death by up to 10 percent, which usually occurs in people who already have a history of lung disease.
This is also one of the factors that made us develop special scenarios,” said Stanislaw Zaryn, spokesperson for ABW.
A total of 113 cases of legionellosis have been record in the Rzeszow area and the city of Przemysl, which borders Ukraine. It was reported that seven patients with legionellosis die between the ages of 64 and 95 years. And there were patients who died because they had comorbid cancer.

Ewa Leniart head of the Rzeszow area

in an interview with RMF, said that the transmission of Legionellosis disease mostly comes from the water supply system. A number of sample have been send to the laboratory. And the result are expect be known on Monday August 28 2023. Leniart assures that the current situation is still under control.
The Rzeszow region is located in southeastern Poland, or about 100 kilometers from the Polish border with Ukraine. This city has become a hub for the United States and NATO which seek to supply weapons. Ammunition and combat equipment to Ukraine after Russia launched a military operation against its neighbor in February 2022. This place is also a stopover area for leaders from Western country. Who wish to visit working to Ukraine by train. Including United States President Joe Biden. A number of United States troops are station near the city of Rzeszow.

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