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The World Cup kiss issue has prompted FIFA to initiate disciplinary action against Spanish soccer executive Luis Rubiales.

World soccer’s governing body Luis Rubiales, head of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), is facing disciplinary action from FIFA after a video surfaced of him giving an uninvited kiss to a crucial cog in Spain’s World Cup-winning team.

The FIFA Disciplinary Code’s article 13 paragraphs 1 and 2 may have been violated, the organization said in a statement.

Article 13 deals with breaking the rules of the game, such as “violating the fundamental principles of decent conduct.”

Two of Spain’s top women’s soccer organizations have stepped up their criticism of RFEF President Rubiales for his actions following La Roja’s World Cup success.

The union that represents Spain’s female soccer players has demand that the head of the national football federation be punish for kissing Jennifer Hermoso on the lips after the squad won the World Cup and has vowed to combat “machismo and sexism.”

The Spanish Association of Professional Soccer Players (FUTPRO) issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “It is fundamental that our team, the reigning world champion, is constantly represent by people who promote ideals of equality and respect in all sectors.

growing opposition
Supporting Hermoso and her written complaints, Amnesty International also urged RFEF to “take urgent measures, adequately investigate[ the] events, putting the focus on protecting the player,” according to Carlos de las Heras, a spokesperson for the organization.

World Cup

Amnesty further stated that it would request action from the Spanish High Council of Sport (CSD) if RFEF failed to comply.

Liga F, the women’s soccer league in Spain, also release a statement on Wednesday stating that it has made a formal complaint with the CSD and is demanding for Rubiales tfor his “unacceptable and repugnant” actions to be punish.

The embarrassing behavior of the top representative of Spanish football, who once again demonstrated that he isn’t up to the position which he holds and led by his continuous and habitual desire for the spotlight, tarnished one of the greatest accomplishments in Spanish history, the statement read.

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