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Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Taken to Hospital, Sick on the First Night in Prison. Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Taken to Hospital, Sick on the First Night in Prison. Thailand’s former prime minister ,  Thaksin Shinawatra , was rushed to hospital after experiencing health problems on his first night in jail on Tuesday (22/8). Assistant chief of Thailand’s National Police, Prachuab Wongsuk, told Reuters that Thaksin was taken to a hospital because medical facilities in the prison were inadequate. The prison has researched the situation and saw that there was a shortage of doctors and medical equipment that could be used to treat the patient so he was taken to the police hospital,” Wongsuk said. Prachuab did not elaborate on the symptoms of Thaksin’s illness. But earlier, the Thai Department of Corrections stated that Thaksin had been treated in a hospital in a Bangkok prison.

Director General This Is The Department Of Corrections Of Thailand

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Aryut Sintopphan, said Thaksin was being treat after being diagnos with four comorbid illnesses. According to Deputy Director General of the Department of Corrections, Sitthi Sutheewong, doctors at the prison hospital said Thaksin was very vulnerable because he had comorbidities that had to be monitored. The Star reported , Sitthi then explained that Thaksin suffered from four illnesses, namely ischemia, gastric infection due to Covid-19, hypertension, and herniated nucleus pulposus and spinal problems. Thaksin himself has only been in detention for one day. He was thrown into a free hotel just hours after returning to

Thailand after 15 years in exile.

AFP report that Thaksin was escort immediately after landing at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok. He was then taken to the Supreme Court of Thailand. There, he was ordered to serve eight years in prison for the three sentences he had been sentenced to during his exile. Some of the punishments were related to his former company, Shin Corp, bank loans, to the lottery case. Before setting foot in the Land of White Elephants. Thaksin did state that he would undergo legal. Proceedings so that he could return to his hometown and meet his grandchildren.

 I want to ask permission to return to live in Thailand and share air with my Thai brothers and sisters he said. Thaksin is finally back after 15 years in exile. He never touch Thai soil again after being overthrown by the military junta when he was prime minister in 2006. At that time the junta took over the government while. Thaksin was attending a United Nations meeting in New York, United States.After the coup, Thaksin actually returned to Thailand. However, he then fled in 2008 due to corruption charges.




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