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Biak, Papua The Tourism Office (Dispar) of Biak Numfor Regency, Papua is taking advantage of the progress of the cooperation in the ASEAN digitalization program to promote the
“Indonesia-ASEAN and Indonesia-Pacific as two strategic areas will be future markets for Biak tourism,” said Head of the Biak Numfor Tourism Office Onny Dangeubun in Biak, Tuesday.

He said the realization of digital integration would help support ASEAN countries in aligning their efforts to encourage economic growth in the maritime and tourism sectors in the Land of Papua, especially Biak Numfor. Kadispar Onny said, currently with digital progress the tourism potential. In the Indo-Asean and Indo-Pacific regions can become a means of promotion for Biak Numfor Regency.

By digitizing ASEAN, according to Onny, every district in Papua Province can open information doors for ASEAN member countries to strengthen the regional economy, especially the maritime and tourism sectors.
Dispar Biak, continued Onny, has actually used digitization facilities to reach out to the promotion of leading tourism and maritime sectors in the ASEAN member countries. In 2023, according to Onny

the Biak Numfor Dispar has provided digitization training for tourist object managers in the surrounding Biak.

After carrying out digitization training for managers of tourist attractions. He continued it is hoped that they will be able to carry. Out promotions for the potential of local natural tourism. Onny said, the potential to bring in tourists from 10 ASEAN member countries to Biak. Remains open because his party is aggressively carrying out regional tourism promotions welcoming Sail Teluk Cenderawasih 1-7 November 2023.

Kadis Onny hopes that efforts to increase tourism promotion through ASEAN. Digitization will continue to be carrier out by the Tourism Office to attract visits. “Because the population of people in ASEAN member countries reaches 650 million. This has the potential to increase tourist visits to Biak and Papua in general,” hoped Onny.

Some tourist objects that can be attractive data for tourist visits to Biak are the beauty of the underwater world. Tourist objects from World War II the Japanese Binsari Cave underwater marine tourism Blue River. Mangrove tourism and regional native cultural art. Walking on hot stones or Apen Beyeren. as well as some beautiful beaches.

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