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After dropping a year’s worth of rain, Hurricane Hilary, the first tropical storm to strike southern California in 84 years. Cut off the desert metropolis of Palm Springs.

After receiving 3.18 inches (8 cm) of rain on Monday, flooding forced the temporary closure of many major roadways leading into and out of Palm Springs.

There, numerous people had to be rescued from overflowing waterways.

Parts of Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho might still experience flooding from Hilary, a post-tropical cyclone.
On Sunday morning, the storm made landfall in the northern Baja California peninsula of Mexico.

California is shaken by an earthquake during a storm.
It entered the US swiftly after crossing the border. A year’s worth of rain fell on Death Valley National Park in a single day. Yet it is still permanently closed.

Hurricane Hilary

According to the National Weather Service, the storm set records for single day rainfall in San Diego. Palm Springs, and several other California locations.

According to officials, emergency 911 lines were down in Palm Springs, which is located around 110 miles (175 km) east of Los Angeles, as well as in nearby Cathedral City and Indio.

“All of our roads are currently flooded. Both Palm Springs and the bulk of the Coachella valley have no access points in or out. Palm Springs’ mayor, Grace Garner.

“The current situation is very extreme,”

Later on Monday, both directions of the shuttered Interstate 10 through Palm Springs were reopened.

Many Palm Springs homeowners spent hours cleaning water out of entrances during the Sunday’s heaviest downpours to keep their homes from flooding, resident Sean Heslin told the BBC.
14 people were stranded at an elderly home in Cathedral City, just outside of Palm Springs, due to flooding and mudslides blocking exits. They were saved by firefighters by Monday afternoon.

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