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HRW: Saudi Troops Kill Hundreds of Ethiopian Immigrants at Border. Human rights watchdog Human Rights Watch ( HRW ) reported that Saudi border officers  shot hundreds of Ethiopian immigrants to death since last year. Saudi officers killed hundreds of immigrants and asylum seekers in a border area unmonitored by the world,” HRW researcher Nadia Hardman said in a statement quoted by AFP , Monday (21/8). He later said The billions to pay professional golfers football clubs and major entertainment events to improve the image of Saudi Arabia must not distract attention from this heinous crime.

HRW has been monitoring the movement of Ethiopian immigrants to Saudi and Yemen for the past decade

They noted an increase in violence along the Southern Route since last year. They say the killing of hundreds of immigrants in the past year has been widespread and systematic. HRW also predicts that the level of crimes against humanity will increase. HRW compiled this report based on interviews with 38 Ethiopian immigrants trying to cross from Yemen to Saudi Arabia. They also compile satellite imagery, videos and photos posted on social media “or collected from various sources. The report summarized the immigrants’ accounts of 28 “explosive gun incidents” including attacks using mortar shells. Some survivors even described the attacks at close range.

All interviewed described scenes of horror.

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Women, men and children scattered around the mountains were seriously injured, missing limbs or already dead,” the HRW report said. HRW also called for the Saudis to “immediately and expeditiously repeal” any policy of using lethal weapons against immigrants and asylum seekers. They also urged the United Nations (UN) to hold a follow-up investigation. HRW has written to the Saudi Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense regarding this report, but there has been no reply. They also did not get a response from the Houthi rebel group which controls the northern border of Yemen. AFP itself has asked Saudi officials for comments regarding HRW’s new report, but has received no response. Not only HRW, UN experts also reported similar allegations along the southern Saudi border and northern Yemen in the first four months of last year. They reported alarming allegations of cross-border artillery and gun fire by Saudi Arabian security forces killing some 430 immigrants.




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