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City, Country – Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Budi Ari, recently engaged in significant discussions with counterparts from Japan and India, signaling a resolute commitment to fostering cooperation in the Digital Economy and Multilateral Mechanism (DEMM).

In a series of high-level meetings

held in the capital city, Minister Budi Ari met with Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry and India’s Minister of Electronics and Information Technology. The discussions centered around the pivotal role of digital technology in driving economic growth and innovation, and the need for collaborative efforts to harness its potential effectively.

Minister Budi Ari reiterated Indonesia’s

dedication to promoting digital transformation and accelerating the growth of the digital economy within the region. He emphasized the importance of cross-border cooperation in addressing the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The meetings provided a platform for exchanging insights, best practices, and innovative strategies that could pave the way for mutually beneficial partnerships.

One of the key areas of focus during the discussions was the development of robust cybersecurity measures to protect digital infrastructure and sensitive information. The ministers recognized the increasing threats posed by cyberattacks and emphasized the urgency of creating comprehensive frameworks for cybersecurity cooperation.

Additionally, the potential of emerging

technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) was extensively deliberated. Minister Budi Ari expressed Indonesia’s interest in collaborating with both Japan and India to facilitate knowledge sharing, research, and implementation of these technologies in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The ministers also discussed

the importance of digital literacy and skills development to ensure that citizens are equipped to participate fully in the digital. Economy they explored avenues for joint initiatives aimed at enhancing digital education, promoting inclusivity, and bridging the digital divide across. Their respective nations.

In a joint statement issued after the meetings, the ministers affirmed their commitment to the principles of the Digital Economy. And Multilateral Mechanism (DEMM) they underscored the significance of open markets, fair competition, and transparent regulations in facilitating cross-border. Digital trade and cooperation.

Minister Budi Ari expressed his satisfaction

with the outcomes of the discussions, highlighting the shared vision and determination of all parties involved to collaborate for the. Greater good he acknowledged that building a thriving digital economy required collective action and a concerted effort to navigate the. Complexities of the digital era.

As the meetings concluded, Minister Budi Ari expressed optimism about the potential for transformative collaborations among Indonesia, Japan, and India. In the realm of digital economy and technology the engagements not only solidified bilateral ties but also laid the foundation. For a harmonious trilateral partnership that could drive innovation, economic growth, and sustainable development in the region for years to. Come.



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