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WHO Officially Holds First Summit on Traditional Medicine. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) under the United Nations ( UN ) officially opened the first summit for Traditional medicine today, Thursday (17/8). This meeting aims to collect evidence and data to enable the safe use of these types of home treatments. Quoting from AFP , the WHO Global Traditional Medicine Summit took place over two days. At the same time, the G20 health ministers meeting took place in Gandhinagar, India. We need to face the problem of real life facts which are very important that traditional medicines are very widely used and are known to be the most effective,” said Nobel laureate and Chair of the WHO Science Council Harold Varmus via video during the summit.

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It is important for you to understand what ingredients are in the drug what ingredients are actually in traditional medicine why are these drugs so effective in working in some cases.

And importantly, we need to understand and identify which traditional medicines are not working he added. On the same occasion WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that his party is currently working to collect evidence and data to inform policies, standards and regulations for the safe, cost-effective and fair use of traditional medicines. Although widely used traditional medicine has been seen as causing disparities in access to health care. Traditional medicine is also seen as increasing the trade in endangered animals, such as tigers rhinos and pangolins. According to Tedros, traditional medicines actually. Have their own value if they are used appropriately, effectively and safely according to the latest scientific evidence.

The United Nations (UN) health agency, meanwhile, defines traditional medicine as the knowledge

skills and practices used over time to maintain health and prevent, diagnose and treat physical and mental ailments. Traditional medicine is widely used especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of them is a green herbal drink made from the. Artemisia plant, which Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is promoting as a medicine. This plant has properties that have proven effective in the treatment of malaria. However, its use to treat Covid-19 is not recogniz by many doctors.



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