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It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift has a large and diverse fan base. Which of course includes many other celebrities.

As part of the first leg of her record-breaking “Eras” tour. The music icon made a six-night stop in Los Angeles. Stars including Katherine Schwarzenegger and Elizabeth Banks have been sight there. They shared photos of their attendance on social media, and Banks invited a number of well-known acquaintances.

Following the first night of “Eras” in Los Angeles, Banks shared a gallery of images and a video to her Instagram, beginning with a selfie with Oscar-nominated actor Amy Adams.

A video of “American Horror Story” actress Sarah Paulson holding up a Taylor Swift concert T-shirt and saying. “I love her” to the camera was also inserted by the “Cocaine Bear” director.

Banks described Swift as “an Angel and a Unicorn and Pure Magic” in the caption. Adding that she and “70k other fans” liked the performance.

On the occasion of the tour. Schwarzenegger uploaded a carousel of images to Instagram with her mother Maria Shriver and other family members, stating in the caption, “TSwift puts on I have to confess, that was a fantastic show.

The daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger statment, “I am left perplexed by her energy level,” adding in parentheses, “We are the same age to the day, and there is no physical way I could stay awake past 9pm that many days in a row.” (She and Taylor Swift both were born on December 13, 1989.)

Other well-known individuals who have already attended “Eras” include Vanessa Bryant.

Swift will wrap up the first domestic leg of her tour next week in Los Angeles before moving on to Mexico later this month.

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