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North Korea Claims Nuclear War Is Before The. Eyes of the US State North Korea’s Minister of Defense, Kang Sun Nam, claims the world is currently headed for nuclear war soon. Kang Now it’s not about whether a nuclear war will break out on the Korean peninsula. And where, when, and who will start first? Said Kang, who asked the question the XI Moscow International Security Conference Tuesday (15/8), as quoted by Russia Today. .

Kang accused Washington of wanting to change the regime in Pyongyang to further fuel tensions in the world. He also blamed increased US military activity, which has deployed nuclear-capable jets and submarines around North Korea.

In March, several fleets such as the US Navy’s 11th Carrier Strike Group did arrive in South Korean ports+

The arrival of these ships came shortly after Pyongyang unveiled its new nuclear warhead which could allegedly be mount on a short-range ballistic missile. In June, a US B-52 strategic bomber took part in the Washington-Seoul joint military exercises. Two weeks ago, the US also deployed an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, USS Kentucky, to South Korea. The underwater vessel is armed with 20 Trident II ballistic missiles and carries a total of 80 nuclear warheads.

The US, which has pursued a state-hostile policy with North Korea for 80 years

is flagrantly interfering with North Korea’s independent development and security interests and pushing the situation in Northeast Asia to the brink of nuclear war Kang said. Kang said the US must acknowledge its aggressive policy towards Pyongyang and abandon its confrontational approach if it is to truly resolve the crisis peacefully. Before the US does that, he said, any attempt at dialogue would be impossible. As such, the deployment of military force “remains the only way to secure peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. Kang said claims by the US and its allies of wanting to resolve issues around the peninsula through negotiations were empty echo.

He stressed that the only way to prevent nuclear war is for Pyongyang to have a means of military deterrence.

Kang further stated that North Korea would no longer regard the suspension of the. US drills or other similar steps as a true manifestation of US goodwill. He believes Washington is just boasting because it only takes him days to send strategic bombers and nuclear submarines back to the peninsula. The US could also move its military contingent there in half a month even though it has completely withdrawn from South Korea. 

We are fully aware of the fact that the aggressive intention of the US to disarm our nuclear weapons and destroy our systems through violence is irreversible in the slightest he said. Kang made this statement shortly after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his military to prepare for war. Earlier this week, Kim indeed urged Pyongyang’s military to step up its arsenal to secure incredible military power.

The call also came along with Kim’s visits to a number of weapons factories over the weekend.

From Friday 11:8 Saturday 12:8 Kim visited a factory that. Produces tactical missiles missile launch platforms armored vehicles and artillery shells. It was Kim’s latest visit to military factories, which coincided with preparations for the annual US-South Korean joint military drills. North Korea has strongly criticized the US-South Korea joint exercises. Pyongyang considers such exercises only threaten its territory.

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