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The Burning of the Al Quran Again Happens Near the Stockholm Sweden Palace. The Al-Quran burning took place again in the Swedish capital on Monday (14/8). The burning of the Muslim. Holy book carried. Out by two people. Near the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Reported by Al Jazeera. The Arson was carried. Out by two actors. Namely Salwan Momika and Salwan Najem This is not the first time Momika has carried out arson. Having previously also carried out the same action in front of the Stockholm Mosque. In this action, Momika and Najem printed several pages of the Koran with Arabic text and a translation in Swedish. Which were distributed in the square. Different from before, in this action a number of Al-Quran burning massacres were also present to “surround” Momika and Najem.

Among the crowd was a group of people wearing firefighter themed outfits chanting slogans “quench hate”, while handing out plastic firefighter hats among the crowd.

The Swedish police gave permission to burn the Koran, with a duration of one hour. After that the police dispersed them and took out the people at the location to collect the burning residue.

This year, several Al-Quran Burning actions took place in Sweden and Denmark. This action sparked the anger of Muslim countries and the majority of Muslims, who demanded the governments of both countries to stop the incident. The burning of holy books also triggered crises for Sweden, even demonstrations and calls for a boycott of Swedish products in several countries. Security issues for Swedish citizens abroad. Have also has been Highlight. Last month, the Swedish embassy in Iraq. Was storm and burn by hundreds of protect. Mainly by followers of populist Shia Muqtada al-Sadr. This month. the Swedish government has yet to pass changes to the law on freedom of speech and opinion. Which has been the pretext for “permitting” the burning of holy books. The Swedish government has only repeatedly stated that it will take steps to allow the police. To stop the public burning of the Bible if there is a threat to national security.

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