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 Niger Coup Even so, Wagner “does not only” represent Russia because the group is just mercenaries who will take sides depending on who pays them.
“If Niger cooperates with Wagner, it will also affect the presence of American soldiers in Niger. This needs to be looked at more deeply because it doesn’t mean that being affiliated with Wagner must be hostile to America,” Yon said.

Niger Coup It depends on what the deal is.

Yon also spoke about Russia official stance, which is currently the opposite of Wagner’s. Russia previously stated that the situation in Niger was of serious concern. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also called on all parties in the country to exercise restraint and return to the legal order as soon as possible.

According to Yon, this inverse attitude occurs because of differences in interests between the two parties. Wagner, according to him, wanted to go alone and refused to be considered part of the Kremlin’s military. Unlike Russia, which wants to respond diplomatically first.

“America’s interests are always inversely proportional to Russia’s interests. So it is possible that Russia will later meet with the Wagner Group in terms of responding to the coup in Niger, even though at first Russia rejected the coup.”

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Niger Coup Extract natural resources

If you examine it further, the struggle for influence between the US and Russia in Africa is basically because Africa has abundant natural resources.

Sya’roni described Libya, for example, as a well-known oil-producing country. Likewise with South Africa as a gold producer and Zaire as a uranium producer.

“More than that, by controlling Africa, it will be a partner in spreading the values of each country,” said Sya’roni.

In line with Sya’roni, Yon also believes that the struggle for influence between the US and Russia in Africa occurred because this region is rich in natural resources.

According to Yon, it is impossible for the US to go all the way to help Niger fight terrorism if it were not for the underlying national interest.

“If there really is no economic interest, why do they have to place the military and so on to help or influence the region. It must be related to the control of natural resources in Africa,” he said.

Niger Coup There’s a Crash on Lane Off Down

According to Yon, this condition also makes the people of. Niger uncomfortable, who in general are poor citizens whose natural resources are controlled by foreigners.

He considered that the dissatisfaction prompted the military group to finally take power. terms of political and economic control,” he said.

Yon then believes that in the midst of this problem, Africa seems to see an oasis from Russia. Russia with its soft power programs such as the BRICS. Does not force to interfere in internal affairs, unlike the US and France.

The US and France tend to accentuate their hegemony through military exercises. Meanwhile, the BRICS came “to offer a dialogic offer, not to interfere in the affairs of one country with another.”

“This will certainly be a kind of alternative for new regimes to then be able. To enter into cooperation with the BRICS which they feel might be more suitable in the future compared. To being with super powers which tend to encourage. Intervention influence the internal conditions of domestic politics,” he said.



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