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including North Korea Pyongyang  – Typhoon Khanun hit a number of countries, including North Korea (North Korea) causing flooding in agricultural areas. North Korean leader Kim Jon Un also scolded North Korean officials who he considered incompetent to handle the impact of. The disaster
Kim Jong Un was angry that his subordinates failed to prevent damage from tropical storm Khanun which hit. The Korean Peninsula last week Reported by AFP, Monday (14/8/2023), the tropical body of Khanun that hit Japan turned towards. The Korean Peninsula and crossed North Korea on Friday (11/8) local time, bringing heavy rains to the south.

Natural disasters tend to have a bigger impact in isolated including North Korea

including North Korea with weak infrastructure. Deforestation in the region has also made North Korea vulnerable to flooding.

A report by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Monday (14/8) local time said Kim Jong Un visited “typhoon. Affected areas” after tropical storm Khanun triggered flooding in local farmlands. One of the areas Kim Jong Un visited was agricultural land in the Anbyon district, east of North Korea, which. Was flooded.

Kim Jong Un said the region had suffered including North Korea

more damage than any other region. because of that he always said that all the damage was definitely caused by. Several members who had not very good work characteristics who were not responsible from the local government

all the members of the staff are not sensitive due to a single action of the state and they do not make decisions, therefore as a result the whole area suffered a lot of damage that occurred in a statement, as reported by KCNA.

As the storm approached the Korean Peninsula, KCNA said

Pyongyang had carried out a “dynamic campaign to overcome the abnormal climate disaster.” Pyongyang also called for steps to minimize the damage to the country’s economic output.

North Korea was periodically hit by famine,including Korea with hundreds of thousands of people dying — estimates numbering in the. Millions — in the mid-1990s In February, North Korea’s ruling communist party held a high-level meeting to specifically look for ways to tackle. unger and the agricultural problem.
Order to Save Photos of Kim Jong Un

The North Korean government

has previously given orders to its citizens to prioritize protecting photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Reported by AFP. Friday (11/8), Pyongyang’s media, Rodong Sinmun, said the “main focus” of North Koreans was to “ensure the safe” of propaganda photos of their leaders during the storm.

Citizens were also asked to “ensure the safety” of the country’s statues, mosaics, murals and other monuments to the. Kim Dynasty as the Pyongyang government is known as a person who is very sensitive to the dynasty he leads Photos. Of Kim Jong Un’s father and grandfather are all over the place.

Their faces adorn every home and office in the communist country because of that one of the official offices of north. Korea had said that all these incidents happened because the country was carrying out a campaign to deal with a. Very bad climate disaster


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