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To address a complaint that the office’s chief investigator, Brett McAlpin, had received, the deputy, Christian Dedmon. Notified his coworkers Hunter Elward, Jeffrey Middleton, and Daniel Opdyke that About 30 miles south of Jackson, near Braxton, they were traveling to a property. The specifics of what the prosecution believes happened that evening were reveal in a federal criminal filing.

A White woman was hosting numerous Black guys there, and a White neighbor of McAlpin’s reported observing the strange activity.

Dedmon warned the officers Deputy that the location might have security cameras. The police should knock on the door rather than kick it down if they see any cameras. If not, he advised them that they were allow to enter without a warrant.

In another text, Dedmon said, “No poor mug pics. The other deputies understood what he meant: According to the prosecution, they were authoriz to use “excessive force” on parts of a suspect’s body that would not be visible in a picture.

Joshua Hartfield, an off-duty Richland police officer, was going to join them, Dedmon announced over the radio to the others. The five males entered the four-bedroom ranch-style home’s driveway in four different vehicles. McAlpin, who was already in the area, trailed after while keeping an eye on the property from a distance.

A security camera mount above the front door was avoid by the deputies. The carport door was broken open by Dedmon, Opdyke, and Elward, and the back door was kick through by Hartfield.

Eddie Parker and Michael Jenkins were two Black guys that the officers encountered after breaking into the house without a warrant. Parker was residing there to assist in caring for the property’s owner. Jenkins, a friend of his, was passing the night there.

Parker and Jenkins endured brutal abuse from the six White law enforcement officials over the following two hours, which culminated in Jenkins being shot in the mouth.

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