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5 Cities with the Cleanest Air in the World. Air quality has recently become a public concern after pollution in the capital city of Jakarta has worsened following the current extreme summer. On Sunday (13/8), for example, the air quality in the capital city of Jakarta once again occupied the first position as the city with the worst air in the world. Based on data from the air quality monitoring site, IQ air at 06.00 WIB has the AQI air quality index in Jakarta at a high number of 170 which is already in the unhealthy category for PM2.5 air pollution channelsOne of them is fear could increase patients with symptoms of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI).

On the other hand, there are many densely populated cities with good air quality. Some of these cities even have the lowest pollution levels. Here are five cities with the cleanest air quality in the world:

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the most densely populated cities in the European Union. The city is also home to half of Austria’s population. Despite its status as the most populous city, Vienna is actually one of the cities with the best air quality in the world. Based on the IQAir index, the air quality in Vienna is currently good with the US AQI 50 index. The lower the index, the better and cleaner the air quality. Quoted by Balkan Green Energy News, Vienna is one of the 50 greenest cities most visited by tourists in the world. City parks are often found all over Vienna. Apart from the wide and evenly distributed green space, this city has also used environmentally friendly energy sources used in public transportation such as electric subways.

Vienna also relies on hydropower to power the rest of the city.

Zurich, Switzerland

In 2022, Zurich had the status as the city with the cleanest air in the world. At that time, the air pollution status based on PM2.5. Measurements in Zurich averaged 0.51 µg / m3, which means it has the lowest pollution levels in the world. Apart from being located on a plateau near the Alps, this metropolis has strict transportation and development policies such as strict and high carbon emission standards. Quoted by Cities-Today, the Zurich government has also banned vehicles and engines with diesel or diesel fuel from operating. On the other hand, the government continues to develop environmentally friendly public. Transportation and increase and beautify bicycle and pedestrian paths.

Oslo, Norway

The capital of Norway is most popular the most populous city in the country. Despite its population density, air quality in Oslo is actually the best in. The world because it has very low levels of pollution. Based on IQAir, Oslo’s current air quality is good with the US AQI score index touching 20. Oslo’s biggest source of pollution has been transportation and heating, especially in winter.

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