Intelligent Transport System 7th World Congress "From Vision to Reality"

Role of Organizing Secretariat: Registrations, budget organization, cash flow management, printed materials, staff, equipment, offices, press, catering, hotels, transport, social events, exhibition management.

ERTICO is a public/private organization which was founded in 1991 by large European industrial groups, national governments, and the European Commission to promote and co-ordinate all the initiatives and activities associated with the creation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) and the development of innovative mobility projects in Europe.

N° registered delegates: 7000
N° hotel rooms reserved: 3275
N° hostesses/stewards employed: 85
N° shuttle buses: 40
N° rooms used: 17
N° rooms completely equipped as exhibition areas: 6
N° suppliers managed: 35
N° days to execute the work: 4
N° square meters of exhibition space: 20.000
N° years of preparation: 2